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American Arms Silver I Upper and Lower Pins (2945)


American Arms Silver I Upper and Lower Pins (2945)

  • American Arms Silver I  Double Barrel Shotgun Firing Pin, 12Ga.
  • Top Pin Length 0.926" - Tip Diameter 0.101"
  • Bottom Pin Length 1.005" - Tip Diameter 0.101"
  • Grade 6 Titanium
  • Includes both top and bottom pins.
  • Made in the USA!!
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SKU 2945

American Arms Silver I Double Barrel Shotgun Firiing Pin  12GA.

Our American Arms Silver I Titanium Firing Pins are precision machined using our CNC Swiss turning centers. The Titanium American Arms Silver I Firing Pin is made from Grade 6 Titanium which has an Ultimate Tensile Strength of 140,000 psi. Titanium is 40% lighter than your standard grade of steels thus giving you a faster lock time. Titanium is also Corrosion and High Temperature Resistant to help eliminate galling, fretting and seizing. Top Pin Length 0.926 inches - Tip Diameter 0.101 inches. Bottom Pin 1.005 inches, Tip Diameter 0.101 inches. Made in the USA!!


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